Monday, February 20, 2012

Is working at Mcdonalds hard or easy?

I just got a job at Mcdonalds and lma start training on the 25th.

Im so nervious and grr just anxious to start already.

But l want to know if its a hard job. Also what lma expect from people.? Tell me about your own experiences if you have worked at one.

Thanks!Is working at Mcdonalds hard or easy?
Both. Once you get used to it then it becomes easy.
Any new job can be hard until you learn what you're doing and get to know the people you're working with. It's especially hard if it's your first job. One thing I remember them telling me which turned out to be true is that time seems to pass really, really slowly. You'll be working for a whle, and it'll feel like an hour has passed, and you look at the clock and it's only 15 minutes.Is working at Mcdonalds hard or easy?
I was a shift manager there for 2 years. It's not easy. You have to constantly be moving and working and stocking and cleaning and helping guests and if you don't get good training your job will be hell.

Good luck
probably easy.

if your stuck in the kitchen then you just check the oven, or you work the cash registers.

both very easyIs working at Mcdonalds hard or easy?
probably easy it was easy to my cousin it just depends how energized you are.
if you can learn fast, and move fast, it wont be too bad. it is greasy work though.
the work part is easy, but so gross. it makes your hair and skin greasy and you will never want to eat at a fastfood place ever again
The job itself isn't difficult... but sometimes the stress level can make it seem like it is hard.
If you like to met people you enjoy the job.
Nothing is easy..

every job have its own pressure
All fast food jobs require hard work, and you learn something...the value of a dollar.
Not Easy! the morning Turn is the hardest! trust me (I work there)
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